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phase2        EURO 8 + WEEK 9 Divisional
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JUTLANDEFCNick of ZA continues to do things in style as per PRETEND BET above. We need to get out there and Market our game given what we have on offer to ensure ongoing REAL competition into the future! One can imagine how competitive our Comp could be with such added inputs!

Nick's Teams have been Best of Week four times in a row with Jutland EFC marginally in front in Overalls after winning best Overall in Phase One with his Tay County, Nennius Hotspur and Magnentius Spurs again marginally behind. Tay County have made it to LEAGUE CUP Round 7 & NCEC - Round 5. Nennius Hotspur as per below are in the running to take out Super League Phase 2.

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DOMINION CUP FINAL - (week 29 - Next week)

Lombards Town                             v                         Elf Queen
lombardscrest                                               ElfQueen

LEAGUE CUP - Round 7 - First Leg (Week 30),   Second Leg (week 31) 

Dervan Donkeys v Anglesey Angels  
Ex Rhodesians v Repandune City  
Fantastico Bombastico v Merfyn FC   
Tay County v Tin-islands Are Canny  

NCEC - Round 5 -  (week 28 - This week) 

Allectus Athelstone68  v Aston Patto  
Andredswald Benders  v Boadicea Wanderers
Asclepiodotus Posidonius  v Gallovidian Albannach 
Bretagne Forward Pass  v Dart Eddy  
Eadburga Rovers  v Tin-islands Are Canny  
Ex Rhodesians  v Withering Walnuts  
Hoxon FC  v St. Columba Fenians  
Jutland EFC  v Lodbrog One  
Merton Wombles  v Pertinax Penetrators  
Oswald Greens Park Rangers  v Dio Rio de las Minas FC  
Paulinus United  v Anglesey Angels  
Porta CG ALLSTARS  v Ida Go Nowhere  
Repandune City  v Nimenguen Llama  
Severn Greenway  v Thetford Tigers  
Tay County  v Gesoriacum Devils     
Wulstan Hinterhaus  v Are We Ready

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